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The Shroud Series

Even before knowing how to read, I would look at the pictures of the National Geographic and Life magazines that were ever-present in our family room.  When I was six, I gravitated to more advanced literature when my brother gave me a five-year subscription to Donald Duck comic books for Christmas.  Several years later, I became addicted to the Hardy Boys and then to western history.  In junior high, my tastes went to World War II and to presidents.  In high school and college, I stopped reading for pleasure.

The mandatory reading of the classics was painful—worse than going to the dentist. And that was before Novocain!  After college, I rediscovered pleasure reading.  First, it was Herman Wouk, then Leon Uris followed by James Michener, Frederick Forsyth and Ken Follett. I was fascinated by history and became engrossed by these fictional characters as they participated in real events.  They became real to me.  Somewhere along my path, I read something about the Shroud of Turin.

Over the years, the History Channel has aired several programs about the Shroud. Is it the most significant religious relic in existence or is it the greatest hoax ever perpetrated by mankind?  Proponents of its authenticity consider it to be evidence of the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.  Sceptics believe it to be a fraud, a man-made hoax.

Many books have been written about the Shroud, professing both viewpoints. Coming from an agnostic, if not atheistic, background I found the story of the Shroud to be compelling.  The more I learned of its history, the more I found my spirituality developing and evolving. Could this fifteen-foot-long piece of linen be a catalyst for others to wonder about their own spirituality?  That is what I’m exploring in my historical fictional endeavors.

“A riveting thriller that catches your attention from the beginning and keeps it to the very end. Deep with current overtones and twists and turns, this book makes it difficult to put it down until the very last page.” Edward Roberson

The Shroud Solution, through a tragic beginning and deep personal relationships, explores the history and significance of the Shroud while weaving in suspense, intrigue and deception. Historical people, combined with fictitious characters, encounter five deadly assassins and sinister forces as they search for the true meaning of the Shroud.   How does a person become an assassin?

“The Shroud Solution is an intriguing read that kept me captivated till the last page. The story around the mystery of the shroud and the well-developed characters who play out the narrative leave the reader wondering about the future of the world.” Tom Melton

The Shroud Assassins explores the tragic, yet fascinating lives of these five men who are brought together in a climactic scene. Their villainous exploits are woven through the little-known pages of actual recent history.

Book three of the series, The Shroud Verdict, takes you into the future to explore and discover the true secrets of the Shroud and the wonderous events that await.

Welcome to my writing path and journey,
Bruce Mackenzie