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WHAT SECRET DOES THE SHROUD OF TURIN HOLD?Ian McKinney and Angus MacGregor are brought together with two cardinals from the Vatican in a whirlwind of clandestine meetings, deceptions, suspicious accidents, and assassinations combined with romance, discoveries and medical breakthroughs.

Is the Shroud of Turin the most significant religious relic in existence?
Or, is it the greatest hoax ever perpetrated by mankind?

Does the Shroud hold the key to world peace?
Can McKinney and MacGregor uncover its secret?

The Shroud has been hidden and lost, worshipped and debunked, attacked and ransomed. For centuries, men have sought its destruction and men have died to protect it.

Bruce Mackenzie’s debut novel delivers captivating characters in this gripping tale of a plan to save mankind. Pope John Paul II and the future Pope Benedict XVI become enmeshed in a perilous scheme. A former British agent finds himself in deadly encounters with sinister forces while protecting a scientist with a dark secret, and his innocent lover. Together, with an altruistic cardinal, they form an unusual bond as they each hold a secret that could cause the ruination of the Vatican and the Catholic Church as they search for …THE SHROUD SOLUTION

“I found the Shroud Solution to be a fast moving journey detailing history, countries and characters that intersect on the way to an intriguing finale. Bruce also raises and addresses questions of faith, as science and spirituality converge in the book.” John Yallop

“Everyone should stand up and take notice of this first time author. They should take notice because of an incredibly engaging book that Bruce has titled The Shroud Solution. Secondly, this exciting and engaging story shows the creative mind of an author whom we can all hope has many more terrifically engaging stories for us in the future. But please read The Shroud Solution. You will find yourself turning pages as quickly as you can to see how Bruce weaves religion, Bible, tradition, murder, death and true life meaning into this wonderful story.” Joe Mcilhaney