BRUCE MACKENZIE is a proud member of the Mackenzie Clan, having researched his family’s ancestry back twenty-three generations to its beginnings in the mid-1200’s. As an avid student of Scottish history and through his ancestral research , he has discovered great men of renown, honor and achievement in his exciting history along with fabulous historical events, instances of intrigue and of course, betrayal. Bruce is an avid collector of all things Scottish … his personal library includes every issue of five different Scottish history magazines dating back dozens of years. He has personally indexed all major articles of this library, an index that is nearly 100 pages in length.

A future book will gather all the personalities of his historical Clan and write the Scottish version of Roots.

Prior to writing, his working career has been spent in various aspects of the real estate field, ranging from commercial finance to office building development and more recently residential mortgage banking. His personal time was surrounded by diamonds … baseball diamonds as he developed an avid interest in the sport while coaching his three sons. He founded a youth baseball program for junior high students with advanced coaching clinics, leagues, and tournaments to prepare them for high school and college baseball. “There are so many life lessons to be learned on the diamond from both a player perspective as well as a coaching perspective.” Lessons that led to his success in business.

As his career evolves from real estate to writing, he looks forward to bringing joy to those who follow his writing with the publication of his first novel, The Shroud Solution and its sequels, The Shroud Assassins and The Shroud Verdict.

Originally brought up in an idyllic suburban neighborhood in Chicago, he has called Colorado home since 1981. He writes in the wee hours of the night surrounded by his family tartan, expansive gardens and waterfalls along with a good Scotch.